Promotional Materials

GRIFFIN! is the musical alias of Corey Lubniewski, a friend of mine from grade school, backed by his twin brother Jason, on drums, and mutual friend and musical co-collaborator Thom Daly. In the dawn of 2014 GRIFFIN! began recording it's debut album, and they were in need of some promotional materials.

Having access to large format digital printers, laminating equipment and a vinyl plotter, I suggested stickers. Presented here are the two versions of the sticker, now out of print.

Before Corey geared up with Jason and Thom, he worked strictly as a solo act. He's released a pretty decent sized catalog of songs on Bandcamp, all of which were home recordings. Corey had me design some of the artwork for those albums, one of them being "Bright Moon, Dark Nights".  I acquired the photograph from the Library of Congress, and had to restore most of the photo without losing all of it's grit. The artwork originally had an older logo, and typefaces for the title. After creating the promotional stickers for the upcoming album, I wanted to experiment with the idea of using it as the new GRIFFIN! brand.

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3-Color & Greyscale GRIFFIN! Logo by Jon & Sean Daly @ Brave Buffalo

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